A high energy, multi-talented, multi-faceted professional with a diverse back ground and a high level of international business experience. Simon has designed state of the art, quality Electric Bikes for 10 years & has traveled the globe researching and consulting for bike share systems and related mobile applications.

CEO Green Glider Electric bikes and Partner with Mobile Bike Solutions
Ralph Simon developed 5 different models of Electric bicycles. He was instrumental in the development of a Bike Share system utilizing Electric Bikes. Systems are automated and solar powered. Mr. Simon was a consultant for various EBike ventures which included both local Government and Private sectors.

CEO Green Cruiser Electric Bikes.
Mr. Simon developed and imported the “Green Cruiser Electric Bike”. He researched, qualified and negotiated with suppliers and factories in Asia to produce an internet rated number 1 product. Green Cruiser was the first to implement the “zero start” controller. Mr. Simon was responsible for all aspects of the company business.

Senior Applications Manager Qualcomm
Responsible for the purchase, development and implementation of Computer Aided Design (CAD) software for the company, world wide. Successfully managed a team of Engineering professionals for 10 years. Designed paper-less CAD library management system and state of the art CAD design related software applications. Including first in the country to prove and implement the multi-level hardware design process.

Christian Haeuselmann
MOBILE BIKE SOLUTIONS (MBS) CO-Founder Christian Haeuselmann is an innovation driven Swiss economist and serial entrepreneur, residing in San Diego, California and creating Smart City Partnerships for the past 10 years.

In 1992 Mr.Haeuselmann launched the “FLYER ELECTRIC BIKE”, defining a new vehicle category in Switzerland and in Europe. In 1996, the FLYER ELECTRIC BIKE won the prestigious VIGIER STARTUP AWARD, and as of today is the Swiss market leader.

In 1998 the FLYER ELECTRIC BIKE was the technology partner for CALLABIKE in Munich. CALLABIKE was responsible for the development of a bike locking system which introduced the first free float, mobile phone based bike share system in Europe. Callabike was then acquired and is operated today by the German Railway (Deutsche Bahn).

Mr. Haeuselmann’s vision for MBS was based on pioneering game-changing mobility systems, and embeds technological opportunities to accelerate the transition towards an electric mobility future.

Binu Johnson
Binu Johnson completed his Masters Degree in Computer Science from Indian Institute of Technology in 2000. Ever since then he was involved in creating cutting edge technology products. He worked for Motorola and Nokia during the formative years of mobile phones, and for Palm, Inc. during the defining years of smartphone revolution.

He was part of the team that created Palm Pre, the product that won numerous awards, including the best in show at CES that year.
In the last few years,
– Architecture Lead for Novatel Wireless to create MiFi-OS-2, a Linux based platform that powers all of Novatel Wireless embedded IOT platform
– Chief Architect for Gryphon Online Safety system, a San Diego startup that successfully finished in Kickstarter campaign this year
– CTO of Tech Joint, LLC – created a remote monitoring and control platform that can convert existing legacy devices to cloud connected devices
He loves to develop innovative ideas into unique, successful products.

Reghu Rajan
Reghu Rajan received is B.S. degree in Biomedical engineering (1996), M.S. in Electrical Engineering (2001), and an MBA (2013). His career in the industry since 1996 involved cutting-edge R&D in the field of medical and power electronics, analog/RF integrated circuit design, wireless sensors & interfaces, energy harvesting systems, data acquisition, low-power medical telemetry, M2M/IoT networks and protocols, where he was part of teams that successfully launched multiple products, published papers and was granted patents, before transitioning into marketing and business development. He was also actively involved in the IEEE standards committee in defining emerging communication protocols and physical layers for wireless systems.

Currently, he is a co-founder of a San Diego-based startup in the industrial IoT space, that provides customized wireless connectivity and cloud platform support for industrial sensors and devices.

Tom Piszkin
In 1977, with his Cal MBA in hand, Tom Piszkin was recruited by the Ford Motor Company to work in their North American Product Development Group. From coordinating the interior components of the Fox Mustang to tracking power train allocations for C.A.F.E. compliance Tom met one challenge after another. American Motors Corporation made him their Advanced Passenger Car Planning Manager in 1980.
Cars gave way to computers as he spent the next 15+ years helping a software start-up cash out in the dot com boom. Along the way he’s been awarded three US Patents in the field of bicycling. Tom is currently developing a minimalist vehicle designed to meet the specific needs of urban and campus mobility.

Dr. Gary J. Hawkins
Dr. Gary J. Hawkins is a technology and strategy expert in the Cleantech sector, focusing on Smart Cities and IoT. His work typically involves technology assessment and evaluations, business development, smart solution architecture development, requirements definition and technical project oversight. Gary has worked in the Cleantech and telecommunications arena for over 20 years for end customers, equipment providers, and engineering design services companies.  He is passionate about sustainability and effectively dealing with the many growing challenges associated with rapid urbanization and climate change.

Jin Guo
Jin Guo has over 15 years of executive experience in business development, product management and business operations in the Telecommunication and Technology Industry. Jin served as Senior Director of Product Management at Qualcomm between 2001 and 2015. During her tenor at Qualcomm, Jin led multiple projects in the areas including but not limited to Smart City, IoT, Robotics, Wireless Health and Location technologies. Before then, Jin managed the System Integration and Test team for Globalstar LP from 1998 to 2001; Jin was a Senior Engineer of the Sprint CDMA RF network deployment team in the San Francisco Bay area from 1995 to 1998. Jin received Bachelor of Engineering from Jilin University in China, Master of Engineering from California State University, Los Angeles, and MBA from San Diego State University.