Mobile Bike Solutions

Innovation in Mobility

Mobile Bike Solutions presents a disruptive bike sharing system with a unique revenue model: A fully custom, rapid deployment electric bike system with full-scale sales and marketing platform, agnostic to the brand of the bike. An MBS locker is used to transport, support and securely store the bike system and integrate the electric vehicle sales and lease along with marketing venues. MBS locker can be deployed in less than an hour and can be left in place from hours to weeks.

Potential customers include cities, resorts, existing bike-share operators and corporations with consumer-direct marketing objectives. Deployment locations include, convention centers, campus facilities, military installations, recreation centers, college football games, etc.

Use of advanced wireless technologies–that integrate with existing bike share and other eco-friendly transport solutions–makes this a wholistic transport solution, with creative revenue models that benefit local businesses and users.

MOBILE BIKE SOLUTIONS (MBS) CO-Founder Christian Haeuselmann is an innovation driven Swiss economist and serial entrepreneur, residing in San Diego, California and creating Smart City Partnerships for the past 10 years.

In 1992 Mr.Haeuselmann launched the “FLYER ELECTRIC BIKE”, defining a new vehicle category in Switzerland and in Europe. In 1996, the FLYER ELECTRIC BIKE won the prestigious VIGIER STARTUP AWARD, and as of today is the Swiss market leader.

In 1998 the FLYER ELECTRIC BIKE was the technology partner for CALLABIKE in Munich. CALLABIKE was responsible for the development of a bike locking system which introduced the first free float, mobile phone based bike share system in Europe. Callabike was then acquired and is operated today by the German Railway (Deutsche Bahn).

Mr.Haeuselmann’s vision for MBS was based on pioneering game-changing mobility systems, and embeds technological opportunities to accelerate the transition towards an electric mobility future.